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My Studio "Kamp Itchymeme" Nov. 1009


Below are songs I wrote and recorded with a 4 track reel to reel and a cassette deck, between 1971 and 2000, I played all the instruments and sang all the parts.


Fools Game  1979

Failed To Say Goodby  1978

Save The Children 1986

Santa Clause  1985

Dog Named Cowboy  1990

Hot Sun  1988

No Nukes  1988

Bus Drivin' Man  1982

Lonesome Friday  1992

DDD  1983

Itchyme Swamp  1999

Another Fine Mess  1989

Friends  1988

Going Down  1985

Lonesome Cowboy  1992

Moon Tan Girl 1  1986

Moon Tan Girl 2  1989

Happy Xmas  1979

Mr. Snowman  1971

My Letter  1992

Peed On Santa  1980

Ship Of Fools  1974

West Highway 76  1992

PMB  1999 This is the song of my life.


In the year 2000 my best friend died, my dog Pooch, suddenly I lost my feelings for music.
I also had problems finding the words to describe just how I felt.
I still have problems with words.
In May 2009, I felt music again, its kind of hard to describe, so I unpacked my guitars and installed new strings on them all.
I turned on the Recorder and below is what happened. These are first takes and need polishing.
I will leave the words up to your imagination.


New Songs Recorded May 26, 27, and 28th, 2009

Where Buffalo Roam

Sudden Shock


New Song Recorded June 06, 2009



June 26, 2009



Aug 30, 2009

Heart Attack


Oct, 09, 2009



Nov. 11, 2009



Nov. 12, 2009
Cat Nippin'


Master Zip With All My MP3's Click Here (94 MB's)


Me, Dec. 2008


Contact Me @ ron@ronnylarson.com


Me, My Guitar & Mind

Lecture Service


I would love to be invited to give a walking lecture with my guitar on the

grounds of the old Traverse City State Hospital

with full access in the spring when the trees are in full bloom.




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